Episode 17: Vaccine Hesitancy

It seems inconceivable that we have to lure, entice and cajole people to get vaccinated. No matter what color your hat, we’re pretty sure no one wants to relive the past 16 months. This week...Read more

Episode 16: More Manchin Malarky

Joe Manchin (D- W. Virginia) is basking in the limelight that he created by being a lynchpin in the US Senate. His antics are a continuing source of frustration for the President and the rest...Read more

Episode 15: Mask On/Mask Off

It has been a most trying time, filled with fear, apprehension, confusion, mixed messages, and a whole lot of finger-pointing. That was then, so what exactly is now? That’s what we’re all trying to figure...Read more

Episode 14: GOP Circular Firing Squad

Watching the carnival sideshow that the Republican Party has devolved into is either fascinating or terrifying. On one hand, there are internal forces threatening to blow the whole thing up, on the other hand, there...Read more
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