Episode 25: Colliding Calamities: Kabul & Covid

August 25, 2021

It has been yet another rough week for the man sitting in the Oval Office. As you know, there are no corners to hide in, and that’s fine with Joe. He boldly proclaims that the buck stops with him. Of course, Biden didn’t create the Afghan mess, nor did he extend it, like his predecessors. He was given a lousy hand and he played it…boldly. There’s a lot of dust and plenty of blame to go around, but by next week, this ignominious chapter will mercifully come to a close. What comes next for the nation we tried to build, does not look good, but there is no point in looking backward or wringing our hands.

In other developments, the FDA gave its formal approval to the Pfizer vaccine. With that announcement, the millions of anti-vaxxers who said they wanted to wait, better start rolling up their sleeves, because this is an Us against the virus thing now and there are no good reasons left to hide behind anymore.

For weeks Robin and David have discussed how all politics are local, to that end, they host Alexis Weaver, an anti-hunger, non-discrimination activist who is running for city council and working to make a difference in her suburban Atlanta city.

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