Episode 31: Election Fallout – Some Good, Some Bad

November 9, 2021

Democrats were shaken to the core this past Election Day as Republicans turned out in record numbers, driven by a variety of ginned-up tropes about everything from socialism, to the Big Lie, to crime and even to what is being taught in schools. It all got stoked to the boiling point by fearmongering candidates, Republican PAC’s and of course Fox News and their ilk.

The slap in the face did serve as a wake-up call for Democrats though, as just 48 hours after the stinging rebuke, they passed Part 1 of Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Bill. All it took was a good hard dose of ice water and a look in the mirror to recognize that the self-inflicted wounds, caused by political infighting within their own caucus, had put them on the brink of disaster.

While Joe Biden’s approval numbers sank lower and lower, despite huge economic gains in employment and employee wages, the stock market keeps climbing and, apart from the price of gas, things are pretty darn good considering the fact that we’re still dealing with a catastrophic pandemic. So why is America’s opinion of Joe so low? Consider the media who fixate on anything that looks like conflict and unrest. Let’s see where the numbers go when the trillion dollars start flowing around the nation.

Robin and David are joined by a true expert in the field of Democratic communication and messaging, something the Democrats sorely need, Anat Shenker-Osorio. Anat helps us understand how messaging needs to be clear, straightforward, and memorable. You won’t want to miss her insights.

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