While politicians are squabbling over who is outmaneuvering who and coming up with new ways to gridlock our nation’s ability to recover from the raging pandemic and economic catastrophe (oh and did we mention the armed militias stockpiling weapons?), there are real-world issues that Robin thinks deserve more airtime.

In this episode, we examine how the expiring moratoriums in mortgages and rents have everyone on edge. Should we just extend the moratorium or should we be working on an equitable solution that doesn’t crush Americans AND doesn’t leave banks and landlords in the lurch. Remember 2008 before you go for the knee-jerk response of sticking it to The Man. When banks buckle so does our entire system.

Robin seeks out the advice of market expert Melissa Armo, CEO of The Stock Swoosh and host of “Make a Million with Melissa” and formerly a banker for many years in the mortgage industry. Now she’s teaching the little guy how to use the stock market to their advantage with weekly online classes.

And speaking of the little guy, we’ll also dive into what the heck happened with Robinhood and Gamestop. Let’s start The Discourse!

Melissa Armo

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