Join Robin Biro and guest host David Katzner as they do the deep dive into just what the heck happened in Orlando at CPAC. The shameless display of fealty to Trump was front and center for three days of mind-blowing insanity, conspiracies, and alternative reality.

Was it a peek into the future of the Republican Party (such as it is) or was it the last gasp for the failed, twice-impeached, disgraced ex-president who is still raging, ranting, and perpetuating The Big Lie?

We discuss that and host Robin shares some of his political journey while David explains the history behind what was Patriots for Change but is now Discourse USA,

Then we welcome Alvin McEwen, host and author of the popular blog “Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters”. Fresh off another CPAC, he shares firsthand his experience of being in The Convention Center Where It Happened.

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One comment on “Episode #3: CPAC Lunacy & What’s Next?

  1. Alan Stringer Mar 4, 2021

    CPAC was off the hook crazy. Thanks for having Alvin on to tell us about it firsthand. Great show Robin & David. Subscribing!