Episode 34: Uniting Around Ukraine

March 9, 2022

The horrific and nightmarish scenes playing out in full view of the entire world has brought us to a historic moment. Today we are seeing people and nations around the globe come together to embrace Ukraine and its people while simultaneously condemning Vladimir Putin and Russia. Putin’s unprovoked invasion of a sovereign nation, the killing of civilians, and the destruction of one of Eastern Europe’s most beautiful and vibrant countries has unified literally billions of people.

While Moscow’s Madman directs the destruction and devastation of Ukraine, in clear violation of international law and the Geneva Convention, here at home the American people are at a loss about what to do and how to help. The Biden Administration has taken bold steps to enforce choking sanctions to punish Putin, yet the blowback people are feeling at the gas pump has become a rallying cry for assholes who can’t see beyond the hood of their gas-guzzling monster trucks. How are they supposed to drive all the way to Washington with their Trump Won and Q-Anon flags unfurled when gas costs $5 a gallon. It’s so hard to be a jackass these days.

Robin and David sit down for a wide-ranging discussion on these issues and of course, have some fun at the expense of Marjorie, Lauren, Rand, Matt, Louis, Lindsay, and the rest of the Capital Hill cRazies.

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