It was another tumultuous legislative week in Congress with House and Senate Democrats managing to somehow stick together to overcome the Republican Party’s obstructionism, every single member of Congress with an R (or Q) after their name ignored the polls and the pleas of their constituents by voting No again and again.

Make no mistake, this was a huge win for Joe Biden and his administration but it also showed that his dreams of uniting the country have all but evaporated. Perhaps when the effects of the recovery are felt by voters, both in terms of ending the pandemic, putting money in people’s pockets, and getting Americans back to work, he will get the thankful recognition he deserves.

As one fight ends another one is brewing, which is a phrase we should get used to hearing. From HR1 to the minimum wage, infrastructure, the environment, immigration, and on it goes. Each round will leave both sides bruised and bloodied, and for what exactly?!!

Robin and David discuss the chances of passage for the upcoming legislation and invite guest Joyce Rose-Harris to share her experiences and advice for how you, as citizens and voters, can get involved and move the needle.

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