The ascension of Deb Haaland to Secretary of the Interior is both significant and historic. The first native American EVER to sit in a presidential cabinet. Just another win for the Biden-Harris team that is racking up victories and making their GOP counterparts look silly. 3,000,000 vaccines a day?!! Even in our wildest dreams, we couldn’t envision that happening and yet here we are. This unprecedented mobilization of resources and expertise defies description.
And then there is the Vatican, whose tone-deaf rejection of same-sex marriages demonstrates how out of touch the Catholic Church is with their flock.

But hey, take heart! For the last four years, every day was filled with nothing but horror, embarrassment, and humiliation for anyone who didn’t wear a red hat, at least we’re mixing in some wins with the losses now.

In this episode, Robin Biro and David Katzner bounce around the news cycle and then welcome Jennifer Cohn, a voting security¬†expert who breaks down the realities behind the inexplicably bizarre and probably corrupt system of choosing which voting systems tabulate our votes. You’ve probably heard of Dominion (thanks to Rudy, Sydney, and The Pillow Guy!) but there’s another company lurking behind some very strange goings-on. Jennifer helps us make sense of it all.

As always Robin ends the show with a palette cleanser that will surely make you smile.

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