QUIZ TIME: Which state has the bigger population? Wyoming or Washington DC? If you said DC you are right AND wrong! More people live in the District of Columbia but it’s not a state! That’s right, 800,000 Americans have no representation in Congress. It’s a hot-button topic but not one that Robin Biro and David Katzner are afraid of wading into.

Speaking of hot-buttons, let’s talk about taxes. No, don’t click away there’s actually some good news this year, you don’t have to file until May 17th! It’s really good news if you are a billionaire cause you probably aren’t paying anything!

In yet another chock full episode there’s lots on our plate, but the icing on the cake is our special guest Boyd Matheson, former Chief of Staff to Utah Senator Mike Lee, Opinion Editor at Deseret News in Salt Lake City, and host of his own show “Inside Sources” Boyd and Robin have appeared on television numerous times but in this show, they have the opportunity to do a Deep Dive into all things wrong and right about politics and the state of our nation.

Of course, we have some fun with Sidney Powell and Tucker Carlson who seem to find ways to infuriate people in comically tragic ways week after week. But it all ends on a good note, as Robin gives us a heartwarming palate cleanser that will make you feel good all over.

Thanks to you all for being part of our podcast family, we appreciate all who have subscribed and left glowing reviews.

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