Episode 20: Is the GOP a Death Cult?

July 20, 2021

Robert Patillo, Civil Rights and Criminal Defense Attorney and Executive Director of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition joins Robin and David to discuss how the right-wing message machine seems hell-bent on driving UP the Covid death count! It’s clear that they are fine crushing the aspirations and goals of Americans who are desperate to return to normal. And why? Because their worst-case scenario is that Joe Biden gets hailed as the steward who guided us there.

So the Dr. Seuss cancel culture line didn’t stick, the caravans of criminals flooding the border fell flat, eyes gloss over when anyone mentions Critical Race Theory, heck even the Liberal, Socialist, Marxist label isn’t taking hold, mainly because no one spouting it even knows what Marxism is, or for that matter, what Mr. Marx’s first name is. Kevin? Chad? Stuart?

The perpetuation of the Big Lie, the ridiculous indignation about deficits (that old canard they pulled out of storage), and the unhinged players who are the faces of the Republican Party (aka. Party of Trump) in 2021, are working overtime to ensure that their shrinking base, the clear minority in the country, never releases their grip on power. They will do whatever it takes, and in their playbook, if it means a few un-vaccinated lunatics have to die, so be it.

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