Episode 23: The deadly GOP Governor Variant

August 10, 2021

Remember the days before there was a vaccine? Remember the terrifying death tolls reaching into the hundreds of thousands and showing no signs of ending? Then Sherriff Joe came to town and started getting shots in arms and we thought…this is good…we’re saved…it’s over. If only. If only there wasn’t an entire subset of conspiracy-loving nut jobs who put their faith, their lives, and the lives of their families in to the hands of charlatans. People who choose to believe “facts” they find on the internet to justify not getting the shot. Cue the Delta variant and dust off the Death Count graphic because we’re back to the bad old days.

Ron DeSantis wants to be president, he thinks the best way to the White House is by embracing the Former Guy, coddling up to the conspiracy kooks, and actually threatening schools who want to have their students wear masks. Florida’s hospitals are overwhelmed, cases are doubling every week, ICUs have no room, those are the facts. The DeSantis Delusion is quite different. “Everything is sunny in the sunshine state.” The other state where things are actually worse? Texas, where Gov. Abbott doesn’t see tents being set up outside hospitals to house new patients, no, his big concern? Too many voting drop boxes!

Robin and David try to keep their heads from exploding by hosting a truly inspirational young woman, Mana Shooshtari who, at the ripe old age of 21, serves as the Field and Communications Coordinator for Grassroots Democrats HQ grassrootsdems.org. Mana shares her remarkable journey as well as what can and is being done to reach out to and engage young voters.

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