Episode 22: Flying Through GOP Turbulence

August 3, 2021

The march towards the truth, shedding light and bringing justice to those responsible for the violent attack on our nation’s capital has officially begun. Despite some of the most riveting testimony ever given in a committee chamber, Republicans continue trying to obfuscate, lie, distract and point fingers at everyone but themselves and their Dear Leader.

Oh and let’s not forget that they are also working their miserable asses to the bone to make sure that voting becomes a thing of the past since they know that winning a fair fight is becoming darn near impossible. Joining Robin and David this week is California Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel who brings us up to date on the insane Republican Recall of Governor Newsom as well as efforts in the Golden State to not just secure but, expand voting rights, fight climate change, stop right-wing fringe extremists who actually want to embed chips in immigrants and more. Crazy right?

Speaking of crazy, COVID is ravaging our country again but this time it’s being very selective, picking off only those who devour conspiracy theories about vaccines and thus make themselves and their loved ones sitting ducks to become sick and possibly die from this nightmarish pandemic. It doesn’t matter how much you stick your head in the sand, or watch Tucker Carlson, chances are that the delta variant is going to get you if you don’t get the shot or wear a mask. And you know what? If you don’t and you get sick, that’s on you!

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