Episode 18: Grassroots…The Key To Victory?

June 22, 2021

Special guest Melissa Grant, president of Grassroots Democrats HQ, an organization that has grown into one of the most formidable democratic ground game operations in the country, joins Robin and David to discuss how she did it and how you can be a part of what will bring our nation back from the brink.

OK, so Juneteeth is an official holiday. That’s a good thing. Is it the only thing? Far from it!
How about making Election Day a holiday? How about securing voting rights? Oh let’s not forget fixing our crumbling roads and bridges. There is so much work to be done and at every turn, there seems to be a single individual standing in the way. These days it feels like it is Joe Manchin, Kevin McCarthy, or the reliably dastardly Mitch McConnell. The latter two serving as standard-bearers of the Party of No.

There is no agenda on the right, no platform, no beliefs, no concern for the future of the nation, only their political power and the existence of their party which exists in name only. It is the party of Trump, the party of Q-Anon, the party of the insurrection, and the party of autocracy.

It is incumbent on every one of us to commit to working our keisters off this election cycle. Losing control of Congress is not an option, because if we fail in the mission to not just hold onto but actually expand the Democratic majority, you can kiss this democracy goodbye.

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