Episode 35: Mournful Memorial Day

May 31, 2022

The grief and anguish people are feeling throughout our country (and throughout the world) is enough to sour the taste of grandma’s apple pie, burn the best BBQ and bring to a screeching halt any festivities because this country is broken. Beyond repair? We shall see.

As a nation, we remain in stunned shock and horror at the tragedy that occurred in Uvalde just this week. And yet, even as we tried to comprehend the senseless loss of life of the most innocent of lives due to yet another gun-related mass murder, the GOP gathered under one roof with the NRA to cozy up for favors and of course campaign donations.

It’s nothing new and anyone surprised by it needs to get their head out of their ass. The GOP is coming for you. Are you a woman? They want control of your womb. Want to love a person they don’t approve of? They’re watching your room. Speak with an accent, “not in my neighborhood” and on it goes.

This is the moment, the GOP is declaring war on both democracy and decency. The only way to fight it is to turn out in numbers never seen before to reject them all at the ballot box in November.

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