Episode 16: More Manchin Malarky

June 9, 2021

Joe Manchin (D- W. Virginia) is basking in the limelight that he created by being a lynchpin in the US Senate. His antics are a continuing source of frustration for the President and the rest of the Democrats in the Senate. His deluded stubbornness, refusing to be a team player, or perhaps playing for the wrong team is nothing short of maddening. Singlehandedly he is holding up any forward movement of the Biden agenda. Democrats are stymied at every turn.

While Manchin acts more like a Republican than a Democrat, voting rights advocates scream foul as hundreds of voter suppression bills become laws and threaten to blow up our democracy and bring about the end of “The Great Experiment” that is the United States of America. Never forget, it’s Manchin who is holding up passage of HR1 – the Voting Rights Bill, the only thing that has the potential to quash the outrageous and outright illiberal laws that bring the country closer and closer to autocratic rule.

Robin’s guest is Christale Spain, founder of 46 Hope Road, a voter engagement organization in South Carolina. We take a deep dive into what voting rights groups are working on so that 2022 and beyond are not lost to the Machiavellian antics of the far right.

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