Episode 36: On the Ballot: Democracy

October 13, 2022

It’s not hyperbole to say that the fate of our nation hangs in the balance as voters head to the polls. Either the forces of authoritarianism, minority rule, and violent sedition will grab control of our nation, or we will stave off the darkness and reject those who would discard the Great American Experiment.

Across the nation, races offer up options between people of principle and those who embrace the dismantling of our democracy. Republicans, MAGA Nation, Big Lie believers, and Reality Deniers, people who believe in minority rule will infest our political process and bend it to their will until it no longer represents what our Founding Fathers envisioned.

On that cheery note, Robin and David start an Election Countdown, with the first of several podcasts focusing on the November 8th election. In this episode, the dynamic duo dives into Senate races. They break down where the races are close and why, and look at the poll numbers, the campaign cash situation, and how you can be a part of ensuring that Mitch McConnell does not re-ascend the throne in the Senate chamber, by donating your time, your money or both to support key races.

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