Episode 27 – A Texas-sized Shit Show

September 7, 2021

The despicable laws conceived of, passed and signed into law in Texas, are rocking the very foundation of our society. Riding a wave of MINORITY opinion, Greg Abbott signed the most draconian roll-back of women’s rights in half a century. Hell, Texas makes the Handmaid’s Tale sound like a lighthearted romp.

It’s all one further example of the fact that our democracy is in crisis. Despite the fact that Democrats control the House, Senate, and the White House, nothing is getting done! With the narrowest of margins in both houses of Congress, President Biden can’t even get the bills that a vast majority of Americans want to his desk to sign. Why? Two words: Manchin and Synema.

Haven McVarish, a lawyer, author, and activist who once ran for office but became disenchanted with the prospect of spending all of his campaign time, and what would have been his time in office, fundraising. He then went on to represent the California Teachers Association before becoming its head and has spent a decade in the political arena. In his book, “Last Chance To Save American Democracy”, he spells out his agenda for preventing the GOP from forever securing power in the US. The number one item on his list?… Wait for it… Reforming the filibuster.

Robin, David and Haven dig deep into the murky waters of the far-right’s master plan and search for hope during these increasingly dark times.

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