Episode 13: The Party Of No

May 5, 2021

Is there ANY hope for a sane and reasonable Republican Party?

The true conservatives in Congress are fewer in number and being forced into hiding. In their place, the loud, insistent rantings of the far-right are screaming from the rooftops (and on Fox “News”) to drown out anyone who speaks the truth. It’s not easy being Liz Cheney or Mitt Romney these days. As the stalwarts continue to be booed and vilified for not supporting the New Republican agenda, which seems to be nothing more than “Trump won, Biden stole the election”, and everything Biden does sucks. We are sure Abe would turning in his grave seeing what has become of the “Party of Lincoln”.

All indications are that Cheney will be losing her leadership role as soon as this week, but she is standing her ground, for which we have to give her credit.

Meantime, the sycophants continue to make the pilgrimage to Mar a Lago and the former guy still has a chokehold on the GOP.

Add to that Mitch McConnell’s refusal to even entertain Biden’s Jobs Plan, despite the majority of Americans being in favor of it. And, despite the fact that it would be a one-two punch to both our crumbling infrastructure and the employment numbers. Why? Well, 1) because it comes from a Democratic president and 2) because it would reverse the 2017 Trump tax “bill” in order to pay for it and Lord knows our billionaires are hurting. Asking Jeff Bezos to pay a penny in taxes? Madness!

Finally, we’ll discuss all the hoopla about transgender athletes, which seems like just another distraction by the right-wing media and their GOP lackeys who just don’t want to do their jobs.

And that’s not all, we conclude our two-part interview with Rep. Harley Rouda who gives us some behind-the-curtain insights into what life is like as a Democrat in the House of Representatives.

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